Redeeming A Saved Purchase: Smartphone App

Students have the option to “Redeem Now” or “Redeem Later” when purchasing from the store. The “Redeem Later” option stores the purchase like an electronic coupon. Purchases that students make using student purchasing through the Student App or Student Portal will be saved here as well. To discover if a Student has any previously purchased rewards:

1. Choose “Redeem” from the Smartphone Staff App “Main Menu”

2. Choose “Redeem Queue”

3. Search for a student

4. Or scan the Student QR Code

5. If a student is ready to use one of their saved purchases, click “Redeem” next to the item the student is receiving or the privilege the student is using.

6. If the item was purchased through student purchasing, there will be additional options to “Approve” or “Deny.” Select “Redeem Now” or “Redeem Later” before selecting “Approve.”

Choose “Yes” to confirm the selection.

Select “Okay” to clear the screen and use the three lines in the upper left-hand corner to return to the “Main Menu.”

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