Set up and Edit School Store

This article will cover adding items individually to the store. To learn how to import store items, visit the “Import Store Items” article.

If you would like to name your school store, that be done by an Admin in “Settings.” Choose “Settings” from the left-side “Main Menu.”

In,  “School Information,” fill in the name of your school store in the “Store Name” field and select the “Save” button in the bottom right-hand side.

Choose “Stores” from the left-side “Main Menu” and then “School Store.”

Select the Edit Store button to add or edit store items. *Only Store/Event Admins will have the option to edit the school store (see Staff Permissions).


1. You can create items in the “Main Category” or add more categories.

    • To create a new category, select the Manage Categories drop-down.
    • Select “Add New+” and then fill in a name for the category. Next, select “Save.”
    • More than one category is not necessary but may be helpful as the number of items in the store grows. Category names are flexible. Consider “Books,” “Games,” “Privileges,” “Clothing,” “Food” and “Personal Care.” If you prefer, you can create categories by the price of the items like “Items Priced 1 to 10 points” and “Items Priced 10 to 20 points”.

2. To Create a new Item select the “Add Item” button and fill out the following information.

    • Item Information
      • Name
      • Category
      • Item ID (if you leave this blank, one will automatically be created)
      • Price
      • Description
    • Inventory – select one of the following options
      • Not inventoried
      • Inventoried – also enter the quantity on hand
        • You have the option to be sent a message alert when the inventory gets below a certain number
      • Out of StockTo add an item to a category, click on the green “Add Item” button. A screen will pop up asking for item information.
      • After you fill these in, click “Save.”

Next, you can add a photo. Click on the camera icon. Choose “Upload New Photo,” browse to find the image you want, select “Save.” You are also able to edit the image using the cropping feature.

You can also add all of your items in the store at the same time with the Import Items button. Select “Import Items” and follow the template to create your CSV file for upload.

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