Multiple Schools or Device Users

Follow these steps if you need to change schools or device users in the Smartphone Staff App. This may happen if you have traveled to a different school or if you are an additional user on a shared device. For instructions on how to switch between schools in the Web Portal, visit the article Switch Schools in the Web Portal.

  1. Choose the settings button in the top right of the header by your photo
  2. Press the “Sign Out” button
  3. Next select “Add New Device User”
  4. Search for the School
  5. Enter your email
  6. Enter your password
  7.  Submit
  8. Authenticate from email
  9. Re-enter the password to access the additional school

The next time you need to switch schools or users, both accounts will be an option in the “Select Device User” drop-down that you have access to once you sign out.


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