Individual Student Point Summary Reports

You can generate individual reports about points awarded to students as well as comments made. This report is designed to distribute to your students.

Select “Reports” from the left-side main menu

Choose “Points Awarded to Students”

In Report Options

  1. Select the time frame from Today, Previous Day, Year to Date, Current Grading Period, or a Custom Date Range.
  2. Change the “student” selection to “My/Favorited Groups.”
  3. Select one group from the drop-down.
  4. You have the option to select “Point Summary.”

  1. Select the “Generate” button
  2. Choose “PDF”

Select “Print Individually”

Next, you’ll receive the message “Your report is being generated offline. You will receive an email whenever it is ready to view.” Select “Ok.”

Go back to the “Reports” tab and

  1. Select “Tools” from the left-side main menu
  2. Select “Offline Reports”

The file name will start with “PointsToStudent.”

The PDFs will be created. Each report will have these parts.

  1. Student identification
  2. The points awarded to the student
  3. Comments that were included by the awarding staff
  4. The timeframe in which the points were awarded

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