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Once you have students loaded into the school, there are three ways to provide parents with information about access to the Parent App: distributing printed letters, emailing, or text message.

If students have not been uploaded to your school yet, you can download a general letter about parent access here.

1. Printed Letters – Spanish or English

Here are the steps to follow for creating the letters that will grant access to student information. These printed letters should only be given to the parents or guardians themselves, rather than giving the letter to the student to take home to the parent.

First, we will cover how to create printed letters.

Select “Parent Link” from the left side main menu. Next select “Manage Parents” in the upper right-hand corner.

1. Make any necessary changes to the parent letter using “Edit Parent Letters.” Select the “Edit Parent Letters” button and then add the text you wish to include in the two text fields provided. Press the “Save” button to save the changes. This will only make changes to the printed letter generated in English.

2. Next, select “Print Parent Letter.”


  • Select students for which you would like to generate parent letters.
    1. All Students
    2. Grade
    3. Group
    4. Selected Students (Search below and add to queue). If you would like to generate letters for only a few students, choose “Selected Students” and search for the individual students, adding them to the queue.
      1.  When you have chosen the students, click “Create File to Print”, next select if you would like to print in Spanish or English. A PDF with all letters will generate. It may appear at the bottom of your screen, or in your download folder, depending on which browser you use. Once you have the PDF, you can print out the letters.

Here is an example of the printed letter.

This PDF has instructions for parents and guardians using the printed letter to access the Parent App Login.

2. Emailing Letters

To email parent letters, add parents and guardians:

  1. First using the green plus, or import parent and guardian email addresses in “Settings.” Visit the article “How to add Parents….” to learn the details of how to add parents and guardians.
  2. Check the checkbox next to the parents and guardians to whom you would like to send the email “Parent Letter.”
  3. Select “Email Parent Letter.”

Here is an example of the email that will be sent on a mobile device. The parent or guardians can scan the QR or select the link to add themselves to PBIS Rewards.

If parent phone numbers have been included in the parent information then a text can be sent to the parent’s phone at the same time that the parent email is sent. The text message will include the same link that is in the email to help parents get logged in to the PBIS Rewards Parent App. In order to send the text to the parent make sure to choose the “Both Email and Text Message” option before you choose the language in which the text will be sent.

4. Additional Parent Information

Once the Parent App has been installed by a parent or guardian, it will be indicated by a check mark in the “App Installed” column. The checkmark means that a parent or guardian may be sent messages. To remove a parent or guardian, check the appropriate row and then select the red minus to remove the parent.

The following pop-up will ask that you confirm the selection.



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