Favorites and Snapshot Report

Create shortcuts to the reports you use the most and get a quick look at a day’s activity in PBIS Rewards.

Here’s how to access “Favorites.”

Select “Reports” from the left-side main menu. Next, select “Favorites.”


1. To use the Snapshot report, select a date using the drop-down. Today’s information is displayed by default.

What information will you find?

2.  “Daily Referrals” shows the number of minor and major referrals recorded. The referral only needs to be started on the day to show in this report.

3. “Daily Points Awarded” will display the total number of points that were awarded on that date and the bar graph divides that information by grade level.

4. The “Group Points Leaders” section displays the points awarded to students divided by their groups. This is the total awarded in the grading period. The arrow on the right allows you to sort the display by that option.


5. “My Favorites” allows you to make shortcuts to the reports you use the most. Using the left-side menu, locate the report you want. Select the star on the report to put the shortcut here. If and when you no longer use that report, select the star on the shortcut here to remove it from “My Favorites.”

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