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Where did my points go?

Your students will be receiving and spending points that they have earned. Since purchases can be made from the school store, classroom stores, raffles and events, you may need some help figuring out where the points went! Use the “Student Activity” report to take a closer look at any student’s account. Search for the desired student and select the time frame. Options to choose from include: today, current grading period, year-to-date, and custom date range. Next, select “Update.” The year-to-date report will generate offline. You can review it in the “Offline Reports” card on the “Tools” tab of the Reports menu.

The points column shows whether the points were added to the balance or subtracted. Anything that shows up as N/A had no impact on the student’s balance. An example is when a student has paid for an item already, but then later redeemed it. The original purchase has an impact, but the act of redeeming it does not. Another common activity that shows up as N/A would be when a student is entered into an event that awards points. The enrollment will show up as N/A, but the student will not receive the points until the event is marked complete by a store/event admin, or the teacher if it is a My Event. The student may be expecting to see those points after the event, but they will not be there until it is completed.

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