Student Report Generator

Use the Student Report Generator to create various customized reports for students. The default report lists students’ balances and grading period balances. This is a helpful tool for pricing grade period events and store items.

Choose what student information you want to display, if you’d like to split up the report by grade level, show all grade levels, or only selected ones, show points and referrals info, how it will be sorted, and the time period. The default report showing all students’ points balances is a helpful tool when pricing items in your store. You can average student points at any given time to help when pinpointing what a typical item should cost. Also, the current grading period earnings data is useful for helping to plan costs for events. For example, you are nearing the end of Quarter 3 and want to plan a Fun Night, use the Student Report Generator and see exactly what your student points average is. Price your event accordingly.

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