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Groups: Set-Up

Find a Group

Create a New Group

Add Students to a Group

Add a Group to Your Favorites

Create Groups with the Group Importer

Find a Group

Awarding points for multiple students is easy using the “Groups” page from the Web Portal. Select “Groups” from the left-side main menu.

Group Screen
Group Page
  1. Each section can be expanded and collapsed using the arrow in the top right corner of that section.
  2. The first section shows the groups assigned to the user who is currently signed in, as well as that user’s favorited groups.
  3. You can sort favorited groups by their name or by their owner, but the user’s groups will always be listed first.
  4. A group from any section can be added to the “My Groups/Favorites” section by selecting the heart (star). Remove favorited groups by clicking the heart (star) again.
    • My Groups/Favorites are the only groups available in your Staff App.
    • A section named “Synced Groups” will appear second in schools that sync groups using a 3rd party service. If you are the owner of a synced group, it will automatically appear in your favorites.
  5. “Grade Level Groups” are automatically created when students are imported.
  6. “All User Groups” shows all groups created in the school. Search to find the group that you need.
  7. “Inactive Groups” are the groups that have been marked “inactive.” These are groups in which the “Active” checkbox has been unchecked in settings of that group.

Whether you organize students into “Houses” (think Harry Potter) or want to award points to sports teams, you can make a group to represent any collection of students. Students can exist in many groups, though they only have one account where their points are deposited.

Create a New Group

To create a new group, from the left-side “Main Menu” choose “Groups”, then click the plus sign. This will create a group assigned to the current user.

Create a Group
Create a Group

Be descriptive in naming groups, but you don’t need to include a teacher or staff name with it. The staff member who owns the group will have his or her name noted with the group, for example, “1st Period – 7th Grade ELA,” “Golf Team,” or “4th Grade”. Use the “Edit Owners” button to add additional owners to the group.

Group Name and Subject
Create a Group

Add Students to the Group

After creating a group, you can add students by using the edit tab under the settings button.

1. Select Settings

2. Select Edit Group

3. Search for students

  • Type the first few letters of the name.
  • Once the student you want drops down, select the name to add the student to your group.

4. Use the photo icon to upload a photo for a student

5. Use “Add Image” to upload a photo to represent the group.

6. Save the changes.

Settings and Edit Group
Add Students and Photos

Add a Group to Your Favorites

Groups assigned to you will automatically be in the top section. but also you can favorite another user’s group by selecting the star in the upper right-hand corner. Also, you can favorite and unfavorite Grade Level Groups. Favorited groups and groups assigned to you will be available in the Groups screen of the Staff App.

Favorite with the star
Favorite with the Star

Create Groups with the Group Importer – Admins Only

An Admin in PBIS Rewards can create groups using a spreadsheet upload.

  1. Select “Settings” from the left-side menu
  2. Choose “Group Importer” from the Setting menu
  3. Download the template
  4. Fill out the template using the onscreen guide
  5. Select the file from your computer
  6. Upload the file
Group Importer
Group Importer

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