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PBIS Rewards 101 Checklist for Administrators

We’re so glad to have you as a part of PBIS Rewards! The following is a guide for the first few days and weeks of using PBIS Rewards. Search at the top of the screen on any topic! Videos are available for many topics. 

Understanding PBIS Rewards

  • If your school has already been using some type of PBIS system, skip this step. If you are brand new to the concept of PBIS, check out the basics in our “What is PBIS?” blog post here.
  • Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (PBIS) is the act of rewarding positive behavior to create a positive school climate and culture. This is done through the acknowledgment of students who are following set expectations (such as raising hands, using safe hands and feet). Students work toward a goal and can earn points to “purchase” items in a school or class store.
  • Watch this video for an overview of what PBIS Rewards is and how it can help the culture and climate in your classroom and building.

 Setting Up Your Economy

  • Create your school’s behavior matrix. We have samples depending on which point system your school will be using. A sample matrix can be found here.
  • Fill out Economy Spreadsheet to help create point goals, and price items in your store. Available in Implementation documents.
  • Learn how to manage expectations.

Logging In

  • Log into PBIS Rewards with your login information
  • You will need to send staff logins so that your staff has access to PBIS rewards. Learn how here!

Staff Permissions

To help share the workload, admins can give specific staff members certain privileges. You can choose to allow staff to create events, edit the store, respond to referrals (if using ARS) and more, depending on your school’s needs.

Adding and Deleting Users

You may need to add or delete students and staff as things change throughout the school year. The following links will help you to do so easily!


As an admin, you will have the ability to change how students earn points, create goals for teachers to award points, adjust student points, and more. The following links will walk you through each of those tasks:






In-Session Calendar



Teacher Rewards (Workplace Rewards for Teachers)


Check in-Check out is another intervention most commonly used with your Tier 2 and Tier 3 students. Our CICO feature allows you to document everything within the PBIS Rewards system. The CICO video will help you get started.

SEL Check

The PBIS Rewards SEL Check feature allows staff members to check and track the Social and Emotional state of students in order to help students recognize and manage their emotions. Also, students can be allowed to perform and a student self SEL check.

Referrals (add-on) 

Our Advanced Referral System keeps all data linked and in one place, directly on PBIS Rewards. It allows a teacher to input information to be sent to those who have referral admin permission (usually office staff such as principal or counselor) and then handled accordingly. Our ARS training video will walk you through the steps to get set up and ready to start using ARS.


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