Staff File Upload

Staff File Upload

This is the section of the Launch Wizard where you will upload your staff list. If you already have staff in the system, you will be given the number of staff and the opportunity to upload more staff. Choose “Yes” to upload additional staff.

You can add additional staff throughout the academic year, but this will be your initial bulk upload. If you are syncing your staff list with your student information system, you can skip to the Syncing School Information article.

You will need to format your staff information like the example provided below. Once PBIS Rewards receives your uploaded staff file, the PBIS Rewards Support Team will verify the file and your staff will be available.

IMPORTANT: The staff upload must be in CSV format.

Upload Information

  • Please DO NOT add the Primary or Secondary Contact to the staff import file. The wizard will have added them to PBIS Rewards in Step 1 of the Launch Wizard.
  • Staff code numbers must be unique to each staff member with no symbols or spaces.
  • If your staff does not have unique staff codes (ID Numbers), leave the column blank, and codes will be generated.

Before you upload the file, check to confirm your column headers match the order in this example!

Need help?
Feel free to forward the Launch Wizard link to someone who can provide you with your staff information. This person could be your Data Specialist, IT Tech, District IT Manager, etc.
Not sure how to create a CSV file? Check this out: Creating a CSV File
Download a CSV STAFF FILE TEMPLATE with file headers.
Contact the PBIS Rewards Support Team.

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