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Once you have renewed PBIS Rewards, you’ll be able to set up for the school year right in the software.

Set up for PBIS Rewards by updating your School Calendar and Contact Roles.

School Calendar
School Calendar
  1. Select “Settings” for the left-side main menu and then select “School Information.”
  2. Choose “School Calendar.”
  3. Add the dates for the beginning and end of your academic year.
  4. Set the “Grading Period Type” you would prefer. These can match your school’s grading periods or could reflect the length of time you prefer for quickly checking reports or creating incentives.
  5. Set up your contact roles. Edit and confirm your contacts.
  6. Save to complete the relaunch.
  7. When you are ready, you will update students and staff on their corresponding screens. To do that, you will go back to the main menu to select either of those tabs.

Article: Launch – New School

Article: Launch – New School

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