3 Ways to See Student Points

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If you are looking for a way to see student balances, here are 3 quick ways to access that information!

You can find balances on the “Students” page for any student, or export student balances.  Select the “Students” tab on the left-side main menu to get started.

  1. Select the “Point Details” button on any individual student to see their balance.
  2. Use the “CSV” button to export a list of the students, their balances will be included in the exported information.
  3. If your student list is too large for all the students to load at once, you can export one grade level at a time. Select a grade level from the options and then use the “CSV” export button.
Points Details
Student Page

 Open a group with the students that you would like to see and select the “Point Details” button just below the group name and subject.

Groups, Point Details
Group Point Details

 As an admin you can go to the “Reports” page, select the “Tools” tab and use the “Student” generator to see point information on all students.

Reports, Tools, Students

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