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Some schools have experienced issues with their barcode ID badges not scanning all the time. After much testing, we’ve concluded the following:

  • Today’s smartphone technology either tries to pick up the barcode quickly and only catches part of the ID number OR it is unable to read the outdated technology that is a barcode.
  • This doesn’t mean the barcode will never scan correctly. Android users will be more successful in scanning a barcode. From testing, it appears Android phones are more likely to pick up an entire barcode. iPhones can sometimes be successful. During testing with an iPhone, we were able to adjust the distance of the phone from badges and found that it would pick up the barcode successfully on occasion.
  • QR codes are the updated and improved version of a barcode. This is why QR codes will be successful every time you scan them. They can be scanned at any angle, unlike a barcode.

We would like to apologize if your school is experiencing this issue. The only solution we can offer is to have you print QR codes through our program on labels and stick the labels on the back of the student ID badges. We are here to help you get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Please email [email protected] and explain the issue that you are having.

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