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There are several ways to assign a Hall Pass to a student in PBIS Rewards.

Hall Pass from the Homepage

  1. Search and Select a Student.​
  2. Press the “Hall Pass” button to mark them on a hall pass. ​
  3. Search and Select a Student on a hall pass to see the elapsed time. ​
  4. Press the “Back to Present” button to take them off the hall pass.
Assign a hall pass from the home page.

Hall Pass from a Group

  1. Select the student(s).​
  2. Press the “Hall Pass” button (formerly Toggle Presence). ​
  3. Select the student(s) on a hall pass to see the elapsed time or take them off a hall pass by pressing the “Back To Present” button. ​
  4. Use the “Show Presence List” button to see all the students in the group on a hall pass and their elapsed times.

Hall Pass from Staff Mobile App (Reward Screen)

  1. Select the “Check Student” button.​
  2. Scan an ID Card or search and select a student.​
  3. Press the “Hall Pass” button to put them on a hall pass. ​
  4. To mark a student back to present or see the elapsed time on a hall pass, repeat the first two steps. Select the “Back To Present” button to take a student off of a hall pass.
Hall Pass from Staff Mobile App (Rewards Screen)


Hall Pass from Staff Mobile App (Group Screen)

  1. Navigate to a group from the Main Menu.​
  2. Select the “Presence” tab at the top of a group page.​
  3. See the elapsed time for students on a hall pass.​
  4. Use the toggle to put a student on a hall pass or to mark them back to present.

View Students on Hall Pass & Absent from Students Page

  1. Navigate to the Students Page from the Main Menu.​
  2. Select the filters dropdown.​
  3. Choose the Absent and Hall Pass options.​
  4. See the elapsed time for students on a hall pass.

Hall Pass Report

The Hall Pass report will show summary data for all students or for a group based on a given time frame.​

  1. The Hall Pass report is found in tools tab of the report’s menu.​
  2. The total number of hall passes issued will be displayed and that number can be selected to show the details for each individual hall pass.​
  3. The Average Duration calculates the average time students were on hall passes that have a manual start and stop time.

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