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House Group Full Demonstration

This release is all about helping schools build community and foster positive competition with our House Group feature. Import or Auto-Assign students to cross sectional groups that bring young and older students together by working toward common goals and values. 

House Groups Include: 

  • Options to import or auto-assign students to create groups 
  • From the House Group screen, the ability to reward the house only, the house and the individual students in the house or only the individual students in the house 
  • Images can be added to the houses and seen in the house group screen and Points By House report 
  • The Points By House report can be used to track house points and display an up to the minute leaderboard 
  • Houses can be rewarded from the main reward screen 
  • Houses can be rewarded a specific amount of points from the house group screen (this option is only for the house itself not the individual students in the house) 
  • The House Group Assignments report can be used to see the students in each house and to auto-assign students that are not yet in a house. 

Other Great Stuff: 

  • Group pages are now more responsive on smaller screens 
  • Admin can now see all inactive groups 
  • Scrollbar is now visible in the store on the new Student Web Portal 
  • Minor Referral page has an updated look 
  • Updates to support the End of Year and Launch Processes

Article: Release 10.3 (7-31-2023)

Article: Release 10.0 (3-27-2023)

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