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This release features a refreshed look for the Student App to match the new design of the student web portal. The updated look is more in line with what is shown on the web portal and follows similar patterns to the other PBIS Rewards Apps. Also included in this release is the ability to automatically award PBIS points to students that have a Check-In Check-Out (CICO) plan.

Student App Refresh – we updated all of the sections and screens as well as the new features (comment section, favorite items, and a store item search)

Automatic CICO Points – When starting a new CICO plan or checking the student in for the day, the CICO Coach can choose to have the points recorded for that plan automatically added to the student’s PBIS Rewards balance. The points will be given when the plan is submitted at the coach check-out.

Suite360 Admin can be sent an email for lesson suggestions– turning on the Suite360 lesson suggestions will now include adding the Suite360 admin email so that notifications can be sent when a lesson is added as an administrative action.

Scan sound is back on the Staff App

Points By House Report visible to all staff – this does not include the “Display” button due to capacity concerns

Custom Interventions are inactivated with a qualifier – now when a custom intervention is marked inactive a selection must be made of satisfactory or unsatisfactory (similar to the closing of a CICO plan) to determine if the intervention was successful.

Print by group option for ID Card Wizard

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