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The following is a list of updates for releases 3.0 through 3.6. (Aug. 2016 – July 2017)

  • Schools can now to customize name for points
  • Added ethnicity field for students
  • Redesigned the student search page
  • Added search function to list of groups on ‘My Groups’ page
  • Added auto groups for each grade
  • Added the ability to mark groups as favorites
  • Added an undo button for giving point in a group
  • Added ability to give any amount to the ‘My Groups’ page
  • Added ability to print all group codes
  • Added a new auto group for staff members when teacher rewards is turned on
  • Added the ability for a school to turn on allowing students to earn interest on points saved
  • Added the ability for a school to turn on allowing students to set goals for store items
  • Changed the menu layout to be more condensed
  • Added popup submenus
  • Added password strength scoring
  • Added ‘Save and Redeem’ feature to the store
  • Added the ability for a school to allow teacher to receive points and rewards
  • Changed the staff search/edit screen layout
  • Added permissions as a separate popup
  • Added ‘Super Savers’ report for students that maintain a point balance
  • Added a ‘Goal Progress’ report for students that have a goal set
  • Added a report showing students that do not yet have a goal set
  • Added a report showing goals that students have set
  • Added the ability to have a sponsored by message added to the staff app
  • Added ‘Save and Redeem’
  • Added ‘Goal Checking’
  • Added ‘Daily Point Goal’ to main screen
  • Added ability to send email when submitting a referral
  • Added the ability for multiple users to use the same device or one user to use it for different schools
  • Fixed balance adjustment bug on student search page
  • Fixed issue with buying an item if the student has the exact points required
  • Fixed grades not showing for events
  • Fixed issue with store items names not allowing special characters
  • Added a new report: The Staff Report Generator
  • End of the Year Reports (These reports will begin showing up on the School Info page
  • for schools that had the program last year. They will show up at the end of each year to help review the previous years data.)
  • Added help icons to the onboarding form to explain each section.
  • Staff and Student imports will be verified before import and the school will receive an email once they are imported.
  • Added a Spanish parent letter for the parent app (Can be printed from the Printing Options page or the My Groups page)
  • Added a business card printing option for badges (On the Printing Options page and on the My Groups page)
  • Added group totals to the top of the My Groups page
  • Fixed calculations on the Student Generator Report
  • Fixed calculations on the Staff Generator Report
  • Added Referral Dashboard for Advanced Referral System
  • Reports for the whole school and by grade
  • Points/Referrals Report
  • Points/Referrals by grade Report
  • Time/Day Referrals Report
  • Referral Location Report
  • Gender Report
  • Ethnicity Report
  • Problem Behavior Report
  • Redirections Report
  • Possible Motivations Report
  • Referrals CSV Export
  • End of the Year Reports – Added Data from last year for those schools who had PBIS Rewards last year.
  • Added Events to the Student Portal page
  • Moved the Sign Out button for Student Portal to top
  • Added group totals to MyGroups page in a gray bubble
  • Added instructions to the print page
  • HTML Format emails
  • Fixed formatting on the search popup on the MyGroups page
  • Fixed an issue with importing staff and students for mac users
  • Added an export button for chart reports
  • Rearranged the reports menu to add store reports
  • Added Teacher Groups for Teacher Rewards
  • When adding a new staff member you can now send them an email to set up their account password.
  • Renamed “My Groups” card to “Groups”
  • Completed Email now includes login information
  • Fixed an issue with timestamps on the referral dashboard
  • Fixed a couple issues with the print referral
  • If an event is set for a grading period must now choose a grading period
  • Fixed a print issue with the group roster print PDF (6×4)
  • Fixed an issue preventing Daily Point Goals from being saved due to an error message
  • Fixed an issue where the staff store was generating the same number for each new item

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