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Welcome to the PBIS Rewards Flight Course! Here you will find amazing resources to help guide you and your school as you blast off into your PBIS journey. The Flight Course eBook and Implementation Guide are larger, more comprehensive resources. You can find individual resources in the next section.

Our Flight Course eBook has all guides, overviews, and worksheets compiled for ease. This eBook is perfect for viewing online or printing for quick reference.

The Flight Course Implementation Guide serves as a workbook to get your school’s PBIS journey mapped out. This resource is helpful for schools brand new to PBIS, or school’s simply looking for a refresh.

The Individual Resource Bank houses a myriad of resources that school’s may use at any point along their journey. They are perfect for a refresh, and/or improving specific areas in your school’s PBIS programming.

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Feeling Overwhelmed Video

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with knowing exactly where to start with PBIS Rewards? Well, have no fear. Have less stress and more success by focusing on logging in, rewarding, and one method of redeeming with PBIS Rewards.